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Stress-Free Family Camping: The Art of Packing for a Weekend Getaway

A few summers ago, just hours before we were due to set off on a much-anticipated weekend getaway, we found ourselves in a panic, digging through a mountain of gear to find our son's favorite hiking boots. They were buried under a pile of winter clothes we hadn’t needed in months. It was then we realized: our packing strategy needed a serious overhaul. Now, we've turned that chaos into a smooth, foolproof system we can't wait to share with you.

1. Make a Camping Checklist

Start your packing with our comprehensive camping checklist. We've broken it down into categories like shelter, clothing, food, and essentials to make sure nothing gets left behind. Download our detailed Overlanding Gear Checklist (located at the bottom of the page) to ensure you're fully prepared for your next adventure.

2. Prioritize Essentials

Focus first on the essentials—items critical for your safety, comfort, and well-being:

- Tents and Shelter: Ensure you have the right-sized tent, stakes, guylines, and a mallet for easy setup. Our camping journey started with a ground tent, but we upgraded to rooftop tents a few years ago. If you're trying to decide what option is best for you, head over to our blog, How To Start Overlanding, for more information on the different shelter options available.

- Sleeping Gear: Don’t skimp on comfort; pack cozy sleeping bags, pads, and pillows. Nothing is worse than getting a bad night sleep. We've literally packed up and called it quits when we were ill prepared. Invest in the highest quality gear within your budget. The type of sleeping gear needed varies based on a number of variables. Let us know if you want help narrowing down your search!

- Appropriate Clothing: Weather can change quickly, so include layers and rain gear. We love high quality items like Arc'teryx, but let's get real - the sticker shock is overwhelming. We discovered Columbia and Eddie Bauer products to be good quality for the whole family and come at a more reasonable price. We happen to have outlet stores near us, so we can take advantage of rock bottom prices!

- First Aid Kit: Stock up on bandages, antiseptic wipes, and necessary medications. We have always trusted MyMedic first aid kits. Be sure to use code RUGGED15 to save 15% on your kit! Check out our Medical Kits & Training Needed for Camping blog for more information on how to prepare for your camping safety!

- Navigation Tools: Don’t rely solely on technology; bring maps, a compass, and a GPS. We use onX Offroad for navigation due to the offline capabilities, tracking mode and 3D images. We can't recommend this app enough!

3. Food and Cooking Supplies

Plan your meals ahead and pack essentials for cooking and dining. Consider easy-to-prepare meals that can be cooked over a camp stove or an open fire. Store all kitchen gear in one accessible container for easy reach. Be sure to check out some of our favorite camping meals on our 5 Easy Overlanding Meals blog! We also have a list of our go-to camp kitchen items here!

4. Organize Your Gear

Keep your vehicle clutter-free and your gear easy to access:

- Kitchen Gear: One container for all cooking utensils, pots, and pans.

- Personal Items: Individual bags for each family member's clothes and toiletries.

- Camping Tools: A separate box for flashlights, multi-tools, and fire-starting materials.

Remember, the key to a stress-free trip is not just what you pack, but how you pack it. Roll your clothes to save space and store heavy items at the bottom to keep your vehicle balanced.

5. Don't Forget Entertainment

Camping is about fun and relaxation. Pack books, board games, and outdoor sports equipment. These items are perfect for unwinding after a day full of adventure. We're huge supporters of leaving screens at home so everyone can enjoy all that nature has to provide! Here's a list of games everyone young and old can enjoy!

6. Double-Check Your List

Before you head out, give your checklist one last review. It’s easier to grab that forgotten item now than to find a replacement in the wilderness!

Share Your Stories and Tips

We’d love to hear how our checklist worked for you or any additional tips you have for packing light and right. Drop a comment below or share your stories and suggestions on our social media pages!

Final Thought

By following these simple steps, packing for your next camping trip can be as relaxing as the getaway itself. With everything in order, you can focus on enjoying the beautiful outdoors and creating memorable experiences with your family.

If you found these tips helpful, please share this post with fellow outdoor enthusiasts! For more adventure insights and stunning photography, follow us on Instagram. Happy camping!

Overlanding Essentials
Download PDF • 2.79MB

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